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Scuba Diver
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Discover Scuba Diver

This introductory course offers those who do not have the time to complete the full course to take the opportunity to attain first insights into the fascinating underwater world. Accompanied by your instructor you will be able to meet exotic fish and discovers colorful coral reefs in a safe manner.

1/2-day course with one dive off the beach
1'900.- THB

Full-day curse with two dives off the boat
4'900.- THB

Scuba Diver top

For all those with only little spare time during the holiday this is the ideal course. In only two days we will teach the theoretical and practical basics which will allow you to dive up to a depth of 12 meters – accompanied by your instructor or a dive master. We recommend completing the Open Water Course which allows you to dive on your own after successful completion.

2-day course with 2 dives off the boat
5'900.- THB

Open Water Diver

This is the PADI beginner’s course for which you will receive the world wide acknowledged Open Water Diver certificate. With this certificate you are permitted to take part in diving tours and trips.

4-day course with 4 dives from the beach
7'900.- THB
4-day course with 2 dives from the beach and 2 dives from the boat
9'600.- THB
4-5-day course with 4 dives from the boat
11'400.- THB

Advanced Open Water Diver

This is a continuation course which can be conducted in two days only. Existing knowledge and abilities are improved. To be able to dive at more demanding sites this certificate must be presented.

2-day course with 5 dives
4'900.- THB (excl. rates for the dive trips/boats)

Emergency First Response

This is the preliminary course for Rescue Diver.

1-day course
Price on request.

Rescue Diver

Here you will learn about accident prevention and various emergency techniques. We will teach you what is necessary to avoid accidents in theory and as an actual exercise. You will learn how to best react when specific problems occur.

3-4-day course 
9'900.- THB


PADI's first professional diver rating. The Divemaster program develops your diving and leadership abilities, as well as your theoretical know- ledge, to a professional level.
Supervising dive activities and assisting Instructors with their courses are some of the responsibilities of a Divemaster.

2-3 week course
29'000.- THB

Nitrox Diver
2-day course with 2 dives (with nitrox).

5'400.- THB (excl. rates for dive trips/boats)

Rebreather Diver (Dräger Ray)

When exhaling while rebreather-diving, the air is not led into the water via the open system but regenerated and returned to the circulation system. This enables a unique diving experience with many advantages:

- no noise from the valves, no hissing noise, no disturbing bubbles

- normally shy ocean inhabitants will hardly feel disturbed, the best condition for perfect photographs

- the gas you inhale is warm and moist, freezing at the second level is impossible

- since the gas is regenerated, the consumption is reduced up to 90%

- plus all advantages nitrox diving has to offer

3-day course with 4 rebreather dives .

14'800.- THB (excl. rates for dive trips/boats)

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