DEEP BLUE DIVERS, opened by Andreas and Joerg, is the first German speaking dive-basis in Phuket which actually offers the possibility to dive even into larger depths with TRIMIX. As ANDI-facility instruction here is possible for deep sea dives as well as for PADI standards.

Our motto is: small but precious. The basis is not built for mass tourism – we specialize in the personal care for each individual client.

Our basis is located in the south of Phuket at the newly opened bungalows “Paradies zum Ross” and neighboring “Rawai Garden”, which are both located very close to the newly built pier from which the daily dive tours usually leave. The transfer to the pier – normally conducted with our own vehicles – takes about five minutes – long trips across the island to reach the departing boats early in the morning are history. This leaves more time to do what we all want to do: dive.


We have a large equipment supply which we provide for our training units or rent to our customers. Besides the ordinary equipment, we are equipped with technical diving devices used for our education groups. These we only rent out under exceptional circumstances. Draeger Ray Rebreather, under-water camera equipment, dive- computers and dive-lights are available for rental and courses.


All tubes and valves are oxygen clean thus ensure optimal air quality.

The air is processed by a modern L&W 260ES compressor and then filled into 12l aluminum, 15l steel or 10l/300 bar composite-tanks through additional filtering system.

A spacious, fully air-conditioned room - equipped with modern lap tops and technical presentation apparatus - holds capacity for educating 8 students. This is our headquarter - together with our cozy computerized office. From here we coordinate our education units and dive-trips. And the sitting area always invites to chat about what divers like to chat about.
In conclusion we believe to offer a service far over local standards at a very fair price. Just convince yourself and be as enraptured as former customers – many of them returning again every year.

Deep Blue Divers - Phuket - Thailand
Tel.: +66 (0)2-107-2849